Emulsions, Foams, Suspensions, And Aerosols. Microscience And Applications

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This is the first book to provide an integrated introduction to the nature, formation and occurrence, stability, propagation, and uses of the most common types of colloidal dispersion in the process-related industries

The author assumes no prior knowledge of colloid chemistry and, with its glossary of key terms, complete cross-referencing and indexing, this is a must-have for graduate and professional scientists and engineers who may encounter or use emulsions, foams, or suspensions, or combinations thereof, whether in process design, industrial production, or in related R D fields.

The first half of the book introduces the fundamental principles, introducing readers to suspension formation and stability, characterization, and fl ow properties, emphasizing practical aspects throughout

The following chapters discuss a wide range of industrial applications and examples, serving to emphasize the diff erent methodologies that have been successfully applied

The primary focus is on the applications of the principles, paying attention to practical processes and problems

This is done both as part of the treatment of the fundamentals, where appropriate, and also in the separate sections devoted to specifi c kinds of industries

Throughout, the treatment is integrated, with the principles of colloid and interface science common to each dispersion type presented for each major physical property class, followed by separate treatments of features unique to emulsions, foams, or suspensions

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